expect to




how good      


    you can feel

              in your own body...

expect   the world to take care of itself as you

plunge blissfully  to the core of your being.                    


    expect   complete rejeuvenation

to last longer than ever.                                                 


expect   to emerge transformed

as the self you always meant to be.                                    



expect   to meet your new favorite therapist

  sooner than you imagined.                 





swedish        shiatsu        deep structural integration        sports massage        reiki

gift certificates

Need a gift?  Our Gift Certificates are customized and can even be delivered by email last-minute! Choose from amongst a 60 Minute, a 90 Minute, or a dollar amount of your own choosing by clicking the link below and choosing the time you want it to appear in your friend's email, or print it out to enclose in a card.



Deep Massage therapy sessions

  • are by-appointment-only from 10-10, Monday through Saturday.


For your first session, a 90-minute treatment is recommended.  


Sessions are priced at $140 and $200 for 60 and 90 minutes, respectively. 



buy-5-get-6 series packages

The real benefit to massage is in ongoing work — building from session to session, instead of starting from zero. Having a regular therapist means he knows what was done last time and how to take it further.  To sweeten the deal, how 'bout we throw in a free massage? Do you prefer a: 



or a   90-MINUTE SERIES  ?

am I the right match for you?


How do you know whether to book with a therapist for the first time or not? Watching this video should give you a pretty good sense of who am I am and what to expect of me, but if you still have questions, feel free to call me or send me an email.  I always respond, but if I have sessions back-to-back, it may not be right away.





917 449 8859


208 West 23rd Street, NY  10011